Reform Preferences

The Reform Preferences dialog may be opened by either doubleclicking the Reform tool icon in the toolbar, or by choosing “Reform Preferences...” at the top of the panel flyout menu.

Reform Preferences Window Overview

Reform Preferences Window Overview

1. Annotation Color

The main color used to draw the reshaped path, markers, and delimiters; red by default.

2. Target Color

The color used to show the original path. It is also used for loop mode markers; blue by default.

3. Thick Path Shape Preview checkbox

When enabled, the original and reshaped path previews are drawn with a thick line, and larger marker annotations are used.

4. Super Smart Remove checkbox/value

When enabled, unnecessary anchor points are removed from the final reshaped path, using the value as a tolerance. Higher tolerance values will remove more points but may make the final path vary from its preview slightly.

5. Move Points to Tangencies checkbox

When enabled, points along the reshaped path will be located at horizontal and vertical tangencies when possible.

6. Edit Selected Paths Only checkbox

When enabled, paths must be selected before the Reform tool will edit them.

7. Informational area

Shows a brief description of each preference setting when the cursor is being held over it.