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Getting Started

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Stylism includes:

  • Stylism Panel and Tool that helps handle native effects such as:

    • Drop Shadow

    • Feather

    • Inner Glow

    • Outer Glow

    • Transform

    • Free Distort

    • Offset Path

    • Gaussian Blur

  • AG Offset Live Effect, which has a tool and panel

  • AG Block Shadow Live Effect, which has a tool and panel

  • AG Architect Live Effect

  • AG Curavture Visualizer Live Effect

  • AG Splatter Live Effect

  • Live Effect Explorer Dialog Window

Where to find them:

After installing the plugin, Stylism’s tools will show up in Illustrator’s main toolbar (which must be in Advanced mode: View > Toolbars > Advanced). The Stylism tool is the feather type icon, and stacked under this is the AG Offset and AG Block Shadow tools.

All Live Effects may be applied both through the main menu (Effect > Stylism > ...) as well as through their corresponding panels, which will appear in the main menu under Windows > Astute Graphics > ...

The Live Effect Explorer Dialog can be accessed from the main menu Effect > Live Effect Explorer.