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Phantasm Exposure is a live effect/filter that implements the Photoshop “Exposure” adjustment for artwork. As the tool was originally developed for adjusting the tone of HDR RGB images, results may be slightly different when used in CMYK color mode.

As a live effect, it is accessible through the main menu, under Effect > Phantasm > Exposure. It can also be applied directly from the Appearance panel using the “Add New Effect” button at the bottom of the panel, or through the Phantasm panel (see Phantasm: Panel).

After applying the live effect using the menu item (or when clicking on the existing effect in the Appearance panel to edit it), the parameters dialog will appear:

Phantasm Exposure Dialog

Phantasm Exposure Dialog

1. Exposure

Adjusts the highlights, largely maintaining the deepest shadows. It can range from –20 to 20.

2. Offset

Controls the shadows and midtones, with little effect on the highlights. It can range from –0.5 to 0.5.

3. Gamma

Controls the gamma level. It can range from 9.99 to 0.01; a value of 1 equates to no adjustment.