Reform Text Tool Basic Edits

Text can be edited either from the Reform Text panel or by using the tool. Virtually all operations are available from both, but sometimes it is easier to work interactively with the cursor, and sometimes it is easier to enter values into the panel.

The delimiters can be moved by dragging them. To disable snapping to anchor points, hold down Command/Ctrl while dragging. To quickly move the delimiters so that the entire path is affected by the Reform Text tool, double-click either one of them. This will move them to the path's endpoints. If a delimiter is dragged such that a marker would fall outside of the newly-delimited portion of the path, the marker will be automatically deleted. If a marker is located exactly on a delimiter, then moving the delimiter will also move the marker.

Markers can be moved by dragging them within the delimited reshape extent. To disable snapping to the path's underlying anchor points, hold down Command/Ctrl while dragging. Dragging a marker by its circle annotation will allow you to freely change both its position along the path and its offset; to change only its offset, hold down Shift while dragging.

To change only its position, drag the marker's black line.

To select a single marker, click on its red annotation shape.

Multiple markers may be selected by Shift + clicking them or by dragging a marquee over them in the normal manner.

To delete a marker, double-click its red shape. 

To create an additional marker, place the cursor over either the original or virtual reshaped path and click or click-and-drag.

To change a marker from smooth to sharp or vice versa while dragging it, press the X key.

When using the Reform Text tool, Astute Graphics’ AstuteBuddy panel should be kept open to show relevant keypresses.