Randomino Panel Preferences

Choosing “Randomino Preferences...” from the Randomino panel flyout menu will bring up the Randomino preferences dialog:

Randomino Panel Preferences Callouts

Randomino Panel Preferences Callouts

1. Always Affect Text Objects at Character Level

When enabled, all selected text objects will be treated as if their contents were highlighted with the Text Tool. This affects their contents at the character level rather than the text object as a whole; for example, you can change the color of each character. The preference has no effect when randomizing Stacking Order. When randomizing using Move (Dist/Angle) or Move (Horiz/Vert), only the vertical component of the movement is taken into consideration (as movement is produced through baseline shifting of the text).

2. Apply Loaded Settings Immediately

When enabled, loading a saved setting through the panel flyout menu will immediately apply that setting to any selected art. You can always hold down the Shift key when selecting the setting to invert this behavior. To record applying a Randomino setting as an action, you must apply the setting when loading it, either by enabling this preference or by holding down Shift when choosing the setting.

3. Informational text area

Gives a brief description of each preference setting as the cursor is held over it.