Circle by Points Preferences

Doubleclicking the Circle by Points tool in the toolbox (or pressing the Enter key when the tool is selected) will bring up its preferences dialog:

Circle by Points Tool Preferences

Circle by Points Tool Preferences

1. Circle Center

When enabled, the circle’s centerpoint is drawn with a small cross while the circle is being created.

2. Circle Radii Lines

When enabled, lines showing the radii of the circle (from the center to the two or three points lying along its circumference) are drawn while the circle is being created.

3. Diameter Value

When enabled, the current diameter of the circle is displayed next to the cursor.

4. Color

Allows a choice of colors in which to annotate the circle’s center and/or radii lines, from among red, blue, magenta, green, black, and grey.

5. Always Place Anchor Points in Standard Positions

When enabled, the final circular path will always have four anchors points at the standard positions (0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°, taking into account the general constrain angle). Otherwise, anchor points will be created at the points used to set the circle, plus any additional ones needed to keep the shape accurate.

Circle by Points Standard Point Placement

Circle by Points Standard Point Placement

6. Third Point Must Be Dragged

When enabled, clicking twice will immediately create a circle from two points after the mouse button is released. To create a circle from three points, you must drag after the second click to create the third point. When not enabled, you can create a circle from three points by clicking three times; a two-point circle may be created by either clicking-and-dragging to create the two points, or by doubleclicking the second point.

7. Make Circles Dynamic When Possible

This preference will be available only if the Astute Graphics VectorScribe plugin is installed. When enabled, the circles will automatically be created as Dynamic Circles when possible (circles with non-standard anchor point positions are not eligible).

8. Informational area

Shows a brief description of each preference control when the cursor is being hovered over it.