Connect Preferences

Doubleclicking the Connect tool in the toolbox (or pressing the Enter key when the tool is selected) will bring up its preferences dialog:

Connect Preferences Dialog

Connect Preferences Dialog

1. Snap Tolerance

The tolerance for the cursor when snapping to existing path endpoints, in pixels.

2. Annotation Color

Allows a choice of colors in which to annotate the cursor snapping ring, from among red, blue, magenta, green, black, and grey.

3. Select Connected Points

When enabled, after the connecting segment is created, the selection will be changed to the two anchor points that were connected.

4. Longer Default Handles

The automatically-generated handles on the connecting segment have, by default, a length equal to one-third of the distance between the two anchor points. This generally results in a smooth curve. When Longer Default Handles is enabled, this value is increased slightly to approximately 0.3905 of the distance, which has the property of being able to recreate a circular right-angle corner.

5. Informational area

Shows a brief description of each preference control when the cursor is being hovered over it.