Gradient From Art Preferences

Using the flyout menu of the Gradient From Art panel, doubleclicking the Gradient From Art tool in the toolbox, or pressing the Enter key when the tool is selected and a sampling line is not present will bring up the Gradient From Art preferences dialog:

1. Annotation Color

Allows a choice of colors in which to annotate the sampling line from among red, blue, magenta, green, black, and gray. The color can be changed on the fly while dragging by pressing the C key.

2. Annotate With White Outline

Adds a white outline behind the sampling line to make it more visible on various backgrounds. The outline can be toggled off or on while dragging by pressing the A key.

3. Dragging Starts New Line

When enabled (the default), dragging the tool, whether or not a sampling line is already in the process of being drawn, will always remove any existing line and start a new one.

4. Dragging Creates Two-Node Line

When enabled (the default), dragging the tool will end the sampling line when the mouse button is released, resulting in a sampling line with two nodes (a single straight segment).

5. Ignore Short Drags

When enabled, drags shorter than 5 pixels will be ignored. This is useful when working with a tablet and stylus input device, because trying to click by tapping the stylus often unintentionally results in a very short drag as well.

6. Node-Only Sampling Averages Color

When enabled, and Node-Only Sampling is active, then the colors that are picked up by sampling the underlying art at each node will be calculated from an average of colors in the immediate vicinity of the node. This may be useful when the underlying source art is a raster image containing noise.

7. Informational area

Shows a brief description of each preference control when the cursor is being hovered over it.