Dynamic Sketch Panel Flyout Menu

Dynamic Sketch Panel Flyout Menu

Dynamic Sketch Panel Flyout Menu

The Dynamic Sketch panel flyout menu items are contextually sensitive and all items may not be available, depending on the current selection.

1. Combine Repeat Sketch Traces...

Combines the repeat sketch traces of the selected Dynamic Sketch path, averaging them to create a single sketch path. This is the same as Shift+Option/Alt-clicking on the path indicator icon with the tool.

2. Remove Dynamic Status

Converts the selected Dynamic Sketch paths into “regular” paths. Once this is done, their accuracy, smoothness, and width input settings can no longer be changed. Most operations made to a Dynamic Sketch path outside the tool (scaling or rotating it, adding points to it, etc.) will automatically remove the dynamic status.

3. Reset Panel to Defaults

Resets all panel controls (including the width input graph) to their default settings.

4. Recall Last Used Between Sessions

When enabled, the Dynamic Sketch panel’s state will be retained between launches of Illustrator.

5. Reset Tip Dialogs

If one or more of Dynamic Sketch’s tip dialogs have been suppressed using the Don’t show again checkbox, choosing this menu item will re-enable them.

6. Hide Pulled Cursor Controls

The pulled cursor string length slider and input value can be shown or hidden on the panel using this menu item. When the controls are hidden, the menu item will change to Show Pulled Cursor Controls.

7. Hide Input Graph

The entire lower width control section of the panel can be toggled using this menu item. When hidden, the panel takes significantly less vertical space. In this state, the menu item will change to Show Input Graph.

8. Dynamic Sketch Preferences...

Brings up the Preferences dialog.