Marqueeing Operations

As long as a path is not being continued and the cursor is not over a selected path, the Option/Alt key may be held down to put InkScribe into marqueeing mode. In this mode, you can click-and-drag with the InkScribe tool (“marqueeing”) to draw out a rectangle that selects anchor points and path segments that fall within or intersect it, like the Direct Selection tool.

Adding the Shift key when marquee selecting has the same effect as when selecting with the native selection tools: if whatever would be selected is not yet selected, it is added to the current selection, otherwise it is subtracted from the current selection.

If, after the marqueeing operation, the selection consists of a single anchor point, then it becomes active and the virtual panel (if enabled) is moved to that point. If the point is at one end of an open path, then the path becomes the active path and can have additional points added to it.