Swatches to Gradient

Available when one or more swatches are selected in the native Swatches panel (and no gradient artwork is selected). The menu item brings up a dialog showing the gradient that would be created with equally-spaced stops from each selected flat-color or gradient swatch:

Gradient Forge Panel Swatches to Gradient

Gradient Forge Panel Swatches to Gradient

A. Swatch Name

The user-specified name of the new gradient swatch.

B. Reverse Order Checkbox

Reverses the order of the stops.

C. Linear/Radial Buttons

Specify whether the new gradient will be linear or radial.

D. Preview Area

Previews the new gradient with the current settings.

E. Save Button

Saves the new gradient as a swatch when clicked; the new swatch is automatically selected and displayed in the Gradient Forge panel, and can be edited further.