Common Options (Basic)

Except for Duotone, Halftone, and Prepress Correct, all of the live effects in Phantasm include a common Options section, which can be in either Basic or Advanced mode. In Basic mode the controls are as follows:

Phantasm Common Options Basic

Phantasm Common Options Basic

1. Basic/Advanced Menu

Switches the Options section between Basic mode and Advanced mode.

2. Apply To

Allows the effect to be applied to only certain portions of the artwork or to only certain types of artwork. For example, if the Fill checkbox is unchecked, the effect will not change any fills in the artwork. If the Text checkbox is unchecked, text objects will not be changed.

3. Safe CMYK

Available if the document’s color mode is set to CMYK. When enabled, changed colors will have their ink levels adjusted to conform to the color settings in regards to total ink coverage.

Phantasm Safe CMYK Example

Phantasm Safe CMYK Example

4. Exclude Pure Black

Available if the document’s color mode is set to CMYK and Safe CMYK is enabled. When enabled, and the changed color has only a black component, the Safe CMYK adjustment, which usually has the effect of adding C, M, and Y components, will not be applied to that color.

5. Use CMYK Appearance

Available if the document’s color mode is set to CMYK. When enabled, a color’s grayscale equivalent (which is used when ignoring Rich Black or White in Advanced mode) is derived from its on-screen (RGB) appearance rather than directly from its CMYK value.

6. Ignore Spot Colors

When enabled, spot colors will never be modified by a Phantasm color change, even those that are allowed, such as increasing the brightness.

7. Settings Manager

The popup menu allows a complete set of options (from both the Basic and Advanced sections) to be saved and recalled. Additionally, the default and last used options can be restored.